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Our Service Areas

Our Education Lab

Crane R&D has extensive experience in student achievement. We believe that a key to supercharging program effectiveness is andragogy – teaching school administrators to infuse data-driven decision making into the leadership strategy. We trust that qualified staff know their content, from the arts to STEM subjects, however, they are often disconnected from student lives outside of the classroom. The training faculty at Crane R&D coaches your team on constructing these bridges.

Our faculty includes professors, principals, lead teachers, department chairs, and other career educators. We leverage our understanding of developmental psychology, Human Services need areas, and measurable behavioral and academic outcomes for a turnaround effect in struggling schools.

Comprehensive predictive analysis has helped us to develop highly-accurate snapshots of what we can expect based off of different interventions with different groups. Through the course of our study, we’ve become adept with the statistics that power normed assessments. We offer technical assistance with NWEA MAP, MAP MPG, Terra Nova, STAR Renaissance, Every Student Succeeds Act rollouts, and organic value-added assessments.

The IT Space

At Crane R&D we rely on the diverse skills of our IT team to execute for our clients. We provide consultancy on protocols, analysis, and all areas of project management. Our team is a unique composition of IT professionals with the security, design, app development, and model maturity know-how to walk IT projects from conception to completion. Additionally, we offer staff augmentation because so many IT teams are lacking that essential player. The game changer. The scale tipper.

We pride ourselves in vetting exceptional talent with experience with languages like SQL, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, C#, PYTHON, C++, PHP, IOS, and RUBY/RAILS. A little known fact: through our STS we are able to offer software contracts to state, county, and city agencies. Additionally, we offer our own software as a solution (SaaS) for a multitude of applications.

Our Work in the Human Services

The operational side of the Human Services can be baffling as administrators must balance stakeholder patience with the processes required for change. At Crane R&D we have an assortment of tools that help us quickly get to the bottom of essential issues of optimal staffing, implementing contact standards, and determining the best ‘tweaks’ for program efficiency. Our team has decades of experience in the Human Services space. We’ve taught graduate coursework, evaluated programs, created risk tools, piloted surveillance systems, and optimized the use of data for both continuous improvement and grant reporting.

At Crane R&D, our research team is hard-skilled, in other words, they have the technical training and aptitude to help you use your data to explore the defining questions of your field; Why do minority health disparities exist? Which of our practices actually reduce the number of days a family is on public assistance? Where are the opportunity youth to engage in our program? How do we rebuild trust with the community we serve after a critical incident? When should we start recruiting for our early childhood intervention?, What are the real barriers that keep our clients from staying in contact with us? What can we do to reduce the rate of people who get in trouble with the law a second time? and dozens more.

We believe in cultivating causes . . . please feel free to use any of these HotSheets as you wish!

Cervical Cancer Disparities

Male ColoRectal Cancer Disparities

Male Lung Bronchus Cancer Disparities

Male Prostate Cancer Disparities

Police Killings

Thyroid Cancer Disparities

Female Pancreatic Cancer Disparities

Female Breast Cancer Disparities

Management Suite

Crane R&D extends an array of solutions aimed at growing, gaining, and conquering. We accept engagements across the country and provide rapid deliverables based on industry benchmarks. Our processes are artfully executed to prevent disruption to daily business operation during our data collection period. Once engaged we are relentless in our pursuit of balance between ROI and sustainability.

Often, corporations are beset with barriers to growth and are playing catch-up to the competition. We let nothing go to waste, we know where to start, and we pass the baton at each milestone in the workplan – this prevents drain and allows you to always have a fresh teammate in Crane R&D.

Among our management service suite, we offer:

  • gap analysis
  • departmental audits
  • advanced market research
  • market share review
  • focus grouping
  • leadership training
  • professional development
  • consumer simulators
  • simple SWOT
  • alpha and beta testing
  • BCG portfolios
  • user experience algorithms

and a host of customized analytics to suit your needs

Our Business Incubator

At Crane R&D, we have a commitment to reaching back to help startups and other small businesses launch. We know that your passion is powerful, but sometimes you just don’t know how to get things going. We build the moving parts that deliver your dreams. We’ve started companies, led multi-million dollar businesses, and worked for Fortune 500’s. You can trust our capacity to translate your vision into an income-generating entity. Our incubator clients benefit from our most flexible payment plans and our JumpStart: unique logo, mobile-friendly website with copy content, marketing materials, and assistance in registering with all appropriate agencies.

If your heart is set on helping people change their lives, you may be on the path to the creation of an effective nonprofit/NGO. Crane R&D can help prepare your organization for its introduction to potential sponsors/donors. Competitive funding is an important artery for many nonprofits – our team can help to get your organization “RFP Ready” by developing programs that suit your mission, your capacity, and open you up to far more resources. Schedule a quick consult today.

Independent Evaluations

Outcome management can be a tedious task. At Crane R&D we simplify the process for determining the effectiveness of your programs and processes by providing an independent evaluation. Our Phase I evaluations focus on identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to each element of your enterprise. Our Phase II evaluations are created through collaboration with you to implement tweaks in a sandbox environment – where you don’t have to worry about harm to your business flow. Similar to Kaizen, we use our own life-cycle assessment which is customized to the specific outcomes and objectives attached to each project.

Crane R&D is a trusted REEP (Research and Evaluation Enhancement Program) evaluator for the Commission on Minority Health. Additionally, we are a vetted member of the National Institutes of Health Network of Minority Health Research Investigators. Why do these certifications matter? Simply put, we are adept at thinking about risk in dynamic ways that most of our clients have yet to consider. This radical approach to data is grounded in the fundamentals of replication, but has the creative power to launch your projects into the next level.

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