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Translating data into direction. TM

We protect your profit from leaks.

Our team has found that most processes cost more than they should. Processes? Cost money? Yes. Processes, cost money. We have a unique method for getting to the root of the problem. This lets us uncover inefficiencies and repair them before the leaks cause the business to sink. Profitability is important, why standby and watch it fall on the floor?

Under enough pressure, everything leaks. Let us help you figure out where the leak will happen, and how to get ahead of it.

We help you grow your impact.

The goal of many organizations is to help people change their behaviors so that they can live longer, fuller lives. Understanding the analytics of human factors tends to be tricky for our clients. That is, before they become our clients. We use deep dives into the data you have available, line it up against the standards in your field, build bridges, analyze what matters, and help you define what’s special about your program. Once we know what works and why, we create specific strategies to do more with the same resources.


We can help you measure your Mission and make the tweaks to achieve it.
How are you innovating in outreach?

We help close gaps in wellness disparities.

The desired state of public health entities is to reduce risky behaviors, and – if they’re lucky – to get a certain population to engage in prevention. We are set apart from the pack by our clarity on the social dynamics, value systems, and specific barriers of minority groups. Typically, health interventions are not culturally-competent, and see diminished returns with minorities compared to the majority population. We have many tools that accurately map both the Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) and the Psychosocial Determinants of Health (PDoH), recommend changes, and track progress.

There are reasons that health disparities exist (and it’s not because minorities haven’t read the flier, or watched the commercial). Invite us in. We can fix the disconnect between who you reach and who you want to reach.

We help you make decisions and manage the necessary changes thereafter.

We believe that data should drive decisions. With that said, there is a difference between glancing at one factor and exploring the complex ecosystems that your decisions live in. We have a strategy that takes each scenario into a virtual environment. In this sandbox, we can identify expected implications of the decision on different stakeholders, relationships, return on investment, cash flow, and a dozen other dimensions.

Our methods at Crane R&D are used to help partners see a little bit further down the road.
Don’t you want to know about that pothole up ahead, while you still have time to hit the breaks?

We deliver exceptional IT solutions and diverse talent.

We rely on the many skills of our IT team to execute for our clients. We provide consultancy on protocols, analysis, and all areas of project management. Our team is a unique composition of IT professionals with the security, design, app development, and model maturity knowledge to walk IT projects from conception to completion. Additionally, we offer staff augmentation because so many IT teams are lacking that essential player. The game changer. The scale tipper.


Yes, we know someone who can do that. If you can think of it, we can build it. It’s truly that simple.

We create sustainability by supercharging your leaders.

The true measure of outside help is how things go when they are out of the picture. Collaborating with installed leaders is a crucial component to sustainability. Once we’ve created a playbook, it does our clients no good if their leaders don’t know how to read it. Though we offer ongoing coaching and outcome management, we refuse to leave the worksite until the plan is in motion and the leader is more dynamic.

That’s a big statement . . . are we implying that we can increase the dynamicity of executives? Yes, we are. Try us.

We incubate small businesses and nonprofits.

At Crane R&D, we have a commitment to reaching back to help startups and other small businesses launch. We know that your passion is powerful, but sometimes you just don’t know how to get things going. We engineer all the moving parts. You can trust our capacity to translate your vision into an income-generating entity.

If your greatest reward is seeing people change their lives, you may be on the path to founding an effective nonprofit (which we call NGO’s – non-governmental organizations). Crane R&D can help you prepare your organization for its introduction to potential sponsors and donors by designing programs that suit your mission, capacity, and growth plan.

It’s time for you to do this. Schedule a free consult today.

We help you understand what's working and what to work on, by offering an independent evaluation.

Outcome management can be a tedious task. At Crane R&D we offer trained, fresh eyes to determine the effectiveness of your programs and processes by providing an independent evaluation. Our Phase I evaluations focus on identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to each element of your enterprise. Our Phase II evaluations are created through collaboration with you to implement tweaks in a sandbox environment – where you don’t have to worry about harm to your business flow.


Similar to Kaizen, we use our own life-cycle assessment which is customized to the specific outcomes and objectives attached to each project.



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